MP3Unsigned Submission Agreement

  • Any subscribed user may publish 'relevant and useful' content on the MP3Unsigned site. Content will be regularly checked. However we accept absolutely no responsiblity for any user content whatsoever.
  • We reserve the right to remove any content, at any time and for any reason that we, or any other user feel fit. We will be happy to respond quickly to E-mails from users pointing out unsuitable content.
  • After accepting this agreement you may contribute content on to the MP3Unsigned site that does not contain misleading, wrong, pornographic, vulgar, obscene, irrelevant, threatening, offensive or sexual information or that injures the privacy of any individual or any law that is applicable in your country of residence. Furthermore you will only contribute content whose copyright owner is yourself.
  • Regardless of whether we check the content and do not reject it, you, and you alone remain responsible and liable for the content that you contribute. Furthermore you free MP3Unsigned, its owners, shareholders and employees from any responsibility that may occur from content that you have contributed.
  • Furthermore we have the right to pass on any information to a third party should this be necessary to help identify you should your content be cause for any complaint whatsoever. We also withhold the right to remove you entirely from the system should we feel that the content you have contributed does not abide by the rules stated in this agreement.
  • We require that you read this agreement carefully before signing up to MP3Unsigned.
  • What can be published on MP3Unsigned?
    What can be uploaded?
    You can only upload music, lyrics and pictures (material) to which you have the copyright or the written approval of the copyright owner. If you have composed the material yourself than there is no problem. If you have already signed a record deal you have also assigned the rights to your record company and will NOT BE ALLOWED to publish the music here without their prior agreement.
  • Cover versions:
    Cover versions of songs by any other artist may not be published without the written agreement of either the responsible music-publishers or the original writer and/or composer. Additionally, some charges (by ASCAP, BMI, GEMA, or SACEM) may accrue for the performance or publishing of such songs. Publishing your password, in the forum or elsewhere, enables it to be freely accessed, which is equivalent to a prohibited publication.
  • Remixes:
    Remixes using the original music or lyrics may NOT be published on MP3Unsigned. Exceptions can only be made with the written agreement of the originator, which is to be sent on to us imediately.
  • Utilization of samples:
    Basically, we point out that there are NO exceptions to copyright here. There is no legal basis to the popular rumor that there is a rule allowing for the use of copyright-protected samples up to six seconds long.
  • Our agreement:
    On acceptance, the user (you!) guarantees that all uploaded material (music, lyrics, pictures) is free from third parties. MP3Unsigned accepts no liability for damages caused by the publication of material that is either not free to be published or not protected against arbitrary access. The user alone is responsible for the consequences of such a violation of the law.
  • MP3Unsigned agrees to publish the user's uploaded material, and to promote it through the MP3Unsigned community. The user retains all rights to his or her material. MP3Unsigned only receives the right to make the material available on its server for the duration of this agreement, in accordance with the user's individually adjustable options on how their songs are to be promoted.
  • MP3Unsigned guarantees that it will remove all material from its server asap, if requested to do so by the user.
  • You have the right to withdraw from your consent to store your personal data at any time and with future effect. Cancellations should be made via email to: