Onager ()

Reviewed by The Shed on (Monday, April 17, 2006) Rated 8.9 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 9
Interest 9
Melody 8
Performance 9
Lyrics 9
Enjoyment 9
Recording Quality 9
Commercial Appeal 9
Overall 8.9

Paredafoe, Glynn, Onager.

It’s hard to keep track of who’s who, I need to keep track. J

Paredafoe is another very valuable member of mp3unsigned.

Always participating in the forums, reviewing and commenting on tracks, and always there with the helping hand. His alter ego, Glynn, is not though. (Only kidding) lol.

Coming from the unofficial capital of Wales, Colwyn Bay!!!!.- Onager (or wild ass if you look up the name in the dictionary) has been around here for about a year. It’s appropriate that I who stems from the unofficial capital of Ireland should review your track, LOL.


Ok enough of my rambling nonsense.


This is a very nice song. I have a point of concern that I will highlight at the end of the review.

The track opens with a lovely bit of percussion and piano. And into the vocal which is quite captivating. I like the little extra bits of music in the background I sorta like that quirky synth sounds.


Valerie Willoughby has got the most amazing voice. It is probably my favourite part

of this song. It is such a perfect contrast to Stephen Hawkings vocals. How you got him to agree to do this I'll never know.


This leads me to my point of concern. The lyrics on reading them come across beautifully. I think the two pieces work together very well.

But listening to the lyrics been sung the computer voice gives the "daddy voice" a very cold and insinscere presence. Now this may be what you wanted to achieve an inocent child and an insincere father.

I think I would prefer if the "fathers" voice was warmer and more sincere.

Call me sentimental but I would prefer it if the song was about a sincere father and caring gently about the daughter.



Ok I may have been completely thrown by the electronic voice and maybe the song is meant to be sincere. I just don’t know. I think perhaps you need to clarify this to me and/or reconsider the Stephen Hawkings vocals.

Other than that this is a very good song.

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