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Reviewed by Tim EP on (Monday, April 17, 2006) Rated 7 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 8
Interest 9
Melody 8
Performance 6
Lyrics 0
Enjoyment 8
Recording Quality 5
Commercial Appeal 5
Overall 7

Life in The Fast Lane
by MSL

Right, first off, since this is my first review i'm going to to let you know where Im coming from and how I'm going to review.

I've been making tunes since I was at school (maybe 8 years now) but I started getting into Dance (of all types) when I started Raving about 5 years ago. So, being an Electronic track Im going to write from a 'Dance Floor' perspective, if you see what I mean. I'm going to split my Review in the same way the initial scores are broken down, so I can explain my scores.

Right *breathe in* , here we go.....

Track Structure
I think the intro is really nice. This pads and Phasered beats are well used. The Choirs come in really well and add to a Euphoric feel. The second section, which has a more Techno feel to it is all really well done and a bit unexpected. Not however, as unexpected as what happens bursts into a track with a 'Euro Trance' feel. It carries on in this Europhic way right up till the end of the tune. The structure is good, but I think another 'Techno' bit towards the end would have worked well, as well as perhaps a more prominent Outro.  8/10

Musical Interest
Presuming this means my interest...
Just my 'cuppa tea'...would have been 10/10 but I do lean more towards the Harder end of the 'Euphoric Techy Stuff' genre!  9/10

I think a 10/10 melody would be something that gets stuck in your head and stays there for weeks. This track isn't quite there, but it's nice all the same. I found the pad used at the Intro (and then at somepoints throughout) the most catchy of them. Maybe a little more variety as well I the main riff, just to give it that little something else 8/10

Musical Performance

Not quite sure what to rate this on being that its not a 'live' track. I see you use Fruity Loops, so I'm presuming that you drew the melody into the piano Roll. If you used this method then you've done really well making nice sounds and melodys. You've used the program well, so for that i'll give 6/10....sorry if you used another method

Recording Quality
I felt the levels were a bit all of the place, the beats were too quiet and the melody too loud. I think the beats should have been compressed (not sure if you can do that in FL), and maybe made a bit more bassy to give it a 'driving' feel. Still pretty crisp and better than I can get out of Fruity Loops 5/10

I must admit I enjoyed the first half of the tune more than the 2nd half, as some as the melodies and samples were a bit 'tired' by the end. Still though, I did really enjoy it and now I've downloaded it I don't think I'll take it off my comp, i'd be more than happy to listen to it again. 8/10

Commercial Appeal
Now, this is where I think my Raving background will come in handy.... it's my belief that what 'makes or breaks' a chance of commercial success for a Dance tune is it's 'Dancibility'...basically, does it make you dance about....  with this tune I'd have to sadly say  think it falls slightly short of the mark.  If a Dj was to drop this at a club I don't think it carries enough energy to be Floor Filler, and unless it gets notice in 'ClubLand' then it's chances of commercial success are limited.  I may be wrong though. Still a good score with 5/10

Phew *wipe sweat from brow* that took a while. I tried to be as honest as I could and lend advice where I thought I could give it. Please remember 5 isnt a bad score at all and I thought it was best to be honest with you.

Overall this track certainly is good and definetly worth a spin. Watch this lad, he's got potential, and lots of it... if I was as good as him at 16 I would have been more than happy. Well done mate.... quality track

(aka Digital Juggernaut

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