The Gemini Ritual ()

Reviewed by Encrypted Complex on (Monday, March 20, 2006) Rated 8.6 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 9
Interest 7
Melody 9
Performance 9
Lyrics 8
Enjoyment 8
Recording Quality 10
Commercial Appeal 9
Overall 8.6

Top track, this is a really well recorded track to begin with, i have no bad points to say, apart from the vocals seem a bit rough in places, but thats just picking holes.
    Im a big fan of industrial music, and this really hits the spot i would have to highlight the melody that runs throughout is just haunting at the begining, and towards the end it explodes into somthing that made my jaw drop. Some very nice effects on the vocals, although simple really has a high impact on the track as a whole.
    The piano is low and basy which fits so very well, i cant get over the break at the end when the track really does explode to make a very nice peice of music indeed.

The structure i would have to rate highly because of the fact i want more every time I listen to it, truely inspiring and absolutly breath taking. as for industry usage i could easiely see someone wanting this for a film, say a war film it would fit nicely or in a slow action scene .. if that makes sence. The ending is nice, the track builds you up to a high then lets you down so nicely at the end very gently. it just leaves you thinking i must play that again.

Final thoughts are that i cant find a bloody wrong thing to say about this track.

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