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Reviewed by Steve Gilmore on (Wednesday, January 18, 2006) Rated 7.9 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 8
Interest 7
Melody 8
Performance 8
Lyrics 0
Enjoyment 8
Recording Quality 9
Commercial Appeal 7
Overall 7.9

MP3 Unsigned's MSL dwell in a musical world that doesn't always appeal to me - electronica in general and trance/dance in particular.  However, over the last couple of tracks they have provided for review they have aquitted themselves honorably - especially for musicians so young (16 and 17 respectively).  Where they do well is in the final product, with mixes that are sharp, clear and incredibly well controlled especially for music of this type where very hot levels are often substituted in place of 'excitement' if you know what I mean.  After all, if a powerful kick drum and bass is knocking your ears off, surely not much else could go wrong could it...?

Well think again chums, because loudness doesn't EVER equate with quality.

Although I was kinda lukewarm about Keep It High (October 2005), I certainly wasn't about the next track The Dimension Of Sound (December 2005) which got a recommended rating from me and I don't hand those out unless it is something REALLY worth the candle.  However, in both tracks I did find minor quibbles that I am hoping this next track will address because I do believe that MSL have a lot to offer.  For my money it doesn't matter how musical a track may be because - to be honest - that's just a head thing.  What I want and need from any music is that it touches me and one of the best ways to do that (whatever the genre) is to pack some excitement in there along with the music.

This is exactly what The Night Before... does - at least in those critical opening bars, making me WANT to listen further.  Moreover, the more I played it the more I started to get into the whole groove of the thing and although it's a tad short for a dance track, there is more than enough for the average non-dance listener to get into and enjoy.  In particular they would be drawn by the way the track sweeps you into its heart, as well as the excellent way the song is arranged providing those essential peaks and troughs that make a track stand out above the norm.  Again though (uh oh small quibble time) it seemed to me that the hihats placed left and right of the mix in various sections detracted away from what is essentially a very enjoyable beat and may well be slightly out of time even.  Still, small change when compared to the energy and vision flowing from this track which gains it yet another recommended rating from me - except this time only for people who REALLY like the genre.

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