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Reviewed by Tedd-Z on (Tuesday, September 27, 2005) Rated 8.8 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 8
Interest 9
Melody 9
Performance 9
Lyrics 9
Enjoyment 9
Recording Quality 9
Commercial Appeal 8
Overall 8.8

Dawn by Xanthe

Hello again, all! For those who don't know me, I'm an electronica producer going by the name of Tedd-Z! That's what I'm told, anyway!

If you have heard Xanthe's voice before, you will agree with me when I say she has one of the most beautiful and recognisable voices anywhere! Very few people on MP3Unsigned (or anywhere) can claim to have a voice that can be instanty linked to them! Xanthe is also known for her very thoughtful lyrics! Check out her track "If" on the London 7-7 page on this site for a brilliant example of this! The lyrics to "Dawn" may be simple in its message, but they do have some impact! Some people may think lyrics have to be complicated to have any meaning! The lyrics to this track proves them wrong! I'm not going to tell you the meaning of the lyrics here, cos that would spoil it! Anyway, like I mentioned, it's not hard to work it out yourself, and you'll appreciate it when you do!

As for the music... if you like classical, mellow trance, then you are in for a treat! It's very uplifting, the piano sounds great, and the staccato bass and underlaying synth hold up well! It would also be very radio-friendly, if the intro was cut down a bit! The only blip I can find in the music is that the kickdrum lacks any weight to it! It's certainly punchy, but kickdrums can't be all punch and no weight! I would layer the kickdrum used with a weighty underlying kickdrum, just to fill out the bottom end more! Also, the underlaying synth works well, but not on its own, as shown at the start of the track! Maybe a sweeping effect could work here!

My overall verdict? While dance may not let out the best in Xanthe, it doesn't mean that you should expect anything average! It may not be much of an obvious floor-filler for a club, and if you avoid dance music like the plague, you're better off checking a different Xanthe track! But for me, it borders on completion! If you want some vocal trance that has more meaning than the usual output, then look no further!

Pizza Score: Ham and Mushroom! Those who don't like the toppings don't have it! Those who do think it's great as it is, but a bit of seasoning is all that's needed to make it perfect!

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