Onager ()

Reviewed by Steve Gilmore on (Wednesday, July 20, 2005) Rated 8.3 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 9
Interest 8
Melody 8
Performance 8
Lyrics 0
Enjoyment 8
Recording Quality 9
Commercial Appeal 8
Overall 8.3

The last track - but by no means least - from MP3 Unsigned this month is yet another new artist to me.  Onager hail from Colwyn Bay in Wales and this makes the third Welsh band on MP3 Unsigned to my knowledge and that is no bad thing.  Fact is, even if you didn't realise, that the Welsh people have done a lot for UK music and IMHO have definitely thrown up some of the best rock musicians it has been my pleasure to hear.  It should also be pointed out that one of the most famous bands in the world today - Manic Street Preachers - are also Welsh and not English as most people readily assume.  Credit where credit is due I think. 

After all, nobody calls U2 an English group do they?

Citing Gary Numan as a musical reference/influence is a sure sign that Onager is into electronica, so let's see...   I have to admit that I preferred the more poppier side of the '80's electronica scene rather than 4AD artists who were always a little too gloomy for me.  Having said that I did like Numan's style and Onager has certainly caught the musical style well.  Tasty bit of production on the track too, giving it a meatiness and bite you don't here from too much electronica these days.  In sound choices, Onager really shows that he knows the period because almost everything you hear is analog or at least a good approximation of it.

Dark Glass is a dark, distinctly edgy track; akin to listening to an approaching storm front.  You KNOW it's going to kick the crap out of you, but you can't help being in the way of it.  My only quibble (yep, only one and that is great going) is the Numan reference.  Although Dark Glass really works wonderfully as an instrumental I personally got the feeling that it was waiting for some vocals to complete it.  In that respect, maybe this is a track that should be offered as a collab to a singer who would suit the material.  Ah, but there I go again, fiddling with something that is fine enough on it's own to please most people.


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