Los Guys (Assasin 'Live')

Reviewed by RainyD on (Monday, April 11, 2005) Rated 8.3 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 9
Interest 8
Melody 8
Performance 9
Lyrics 7
Enjoyment 8
Recording Quality 9
Commercial Appeal 8
Overall 8.3

For those of you who don't know me I'm an avid listener of new music and half of the duo Serenity here at mp3unsigned.com.
Before I start I would like to say that I'm a fan of Los Guys anyway for there sometimes bizarre tunes, to very funky numbers.  I was really pleased when Jim offered "Assassin" up for review.  This is also the first live track I have had to review too, well done!  I wish I had the bottle to start with to do live gigs so fair play to you guys and gals!
Jim and the guys have a style all of there own.  Constantly indulging us with funky beats, laid back rhymes and cool productions. 
I'm really not going to spend too much time on the words in this review as to me talent speaks for itself and you only need to listen to a couple of the tracks Los Guys have on site to figure that out.
"Assassin" is very funky, very smooth.  Starting with some sweet synths and awesome sax just easing you into the track.  Smooth vocals, great beat.  The track is really well produced and comes across really well.   The vocalist has a husky voice and sounds as though she is really enjoying singing this track.   (the vocals being in French I can only manage to understand some of the track)  Really nice groves and the music flows freely.
Just to the sort of track you really want to lie back take stock of the day/night and just chill too.  I can't fault it. 
Really nice chill out tune guys!  Sorry I can't seem to be more specific in areas.  I love the different synths, the beat, the vocals, the sax, the production.  What's more to say?  Anyone who hasn't listened to Assassin Live in Bradford,  check it out!

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