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Reviewed by cadenceonline on (Monday, March 21, 2005) Rated 8 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 8
Interest 7
Melody 8
Performance 9
Lyrics 8
Enjoyment 7
Recording Quality 8
Commercial Appeal 9
Overall 8

Right, really good song, really good music, and a great voice. But you shouldnt write underneath that you've done it in the style of Evenesecene. You may have written, or mixed the song in this style, but in my opinion, you shouldnt be as obvious as you are being by writing this, because if people dont like Evenescence, and for the record, I dont, then they will, before even hearing this song, automatically be associating it with something they arent interested in. So straight away its a bad start for some listeners.

 I listened to the song properly, because you asked me to review you, but if you hadn't, and I came across this song, and saw that it was labelled with this tag, I have to admit that I wouldnt have even pressed play. But if it wasnt I wouldve just listened, and maybe i wouldve said that it sounds like them, but i first wouldve saw the song for what it is, a good, well written song. Let people say to you that it sounds like evenescence, not you to them. Its your song, not theirs, you wrote it, so dont let anyone else take any credit for it, its great being influenced like this, but people dont need to know so much.

Anyway, this is the only thing that im critising, a small description of your song, so if this is the only thing i dont like, the song cant be that bad!!!!

I have to also say that Christian music doesnt really appeal to me, we dont see it as much of this type of music in Liverpool, England, as you do in the states, and as i said, i can never see myself being a great fan of this genre. But, your style seems to be quite different from most I've heard, it has a much deeper, more meaningful sound I think. Also your songs are all in different style so this proves you versitility.

Anyway, good work.

Robert-Lee Sefton (Cadence)

I am interested in what you think of my opinion, even if you dont agree with it at all! So send me a message.

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