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Reviewed by Spyda on (Monday, February 7, 2005) Rated 8.8 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 9
Interest 9
Melody 9
Performance 9
Lyrics 10
Enjoyment 9
Recording Quality 9
Commercial Appeal 6
Overall 8.8

‘Body & Soul’ – a few wordies about a very talented Lady from Spyda


I’ve known Xanthe for what seems like many, many moons (& even had the pleasure of meeting her once too), during this time I’ve become more & more impressed with her as a composer, lyricist & artist able to turn her hand to many musical genres, from dance to ballads & classical music too.  She has the enviable talent of being able to draw on her inner spirit, baring her soul to her audience & letting the emotions deep inside flow freely enabling us to feel & share them with her.


We ‘met’ a few years ago on another site where we initially shared a liking for the ease of use of the program & samples we were using to create our own blend of electronic music.  We both quickly learned that we weren’t doing anything original as there were millions of other artists using exactly the same software & samples etc & we both became bored of hearing the same thing being produced over & over.


Turning to trusty artist friends she’d made Xanthe asked their advice & in time chose to put aside her current ideas & stumble head long around the dark corridors of a different & exciting music program.  She soon mastered new techniques & seemingly without effort created unique sounds & styles all of her own.


To say she has achieved this easily is an understatement of fact.  Xanthe has worked extremely hard at perfecting her art, blocking out other interests & at times becoming overly absorbed in music production that on more than one occasion she has had to be told by a few of us to take a break & recharge her energies.


I for one am happy that she does take time away, cos’ if she didn’t she’d have surely burned herself out by now.  Calling on your own life experiences, as she has over the past few years, to produce such highly emotive & personal songs must be so very draining at times.

On her ‘come back’ this time she has supplied an amazingly haunting piece of work in ‘Body & Soul’.  Written from the third party point of view, this song is “A spiritual perspective on abortion” & is an absolutely stunning piece of work.  The simplistic piano coupled with haunting strings, sweeping synths & her own unique vocals is superb.  If the song itself doesn’t bring a chill to your spine, then just by reading the lyrics & topic alone surely must.  How on earth Xanthe could have brought this from the far reaches of her subconscious God only knows.  Being a man I cannot comprehend the feelings a woman must go through having to make such a choice, but to hear this from the point of view of the spirit of an unborn child is heart wrenching.


Miss this & you will have missed something very, very special.

A modest & at times very humble young lady Xanthe says, “I'm under no illusions of stardom ... this is just an outlet for all the stuff going on in my head”.


Witnessing the development of such an artist as Xanthe is extremely pleasing & I’m glad that I’ve been able to share in the wealth of talent & artistry she possesses by downloading each & every track she’s released to the world.


Congratulations Xanthe, ‘Body & Soul’ is gonna be a very hard track to follow, but I have confidence in your ability & know you’ll rise to the challenge you’ve now set yourself.


Clive aka Spyda

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