Xanthe ()

Reviewed by DanzTronic on (Tuesday, February 1, 2005) Rated 9 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 10
Interest 9
Melody 9
Performance 9
Lyrics 10
Enjoyment 8
Recording Quality 8
Commercial Appeal 9
Overall 9

This song I had to listen to twice before reviewing, not because it was a bad song, but because of the fantastic structure of the song and the melody, with a soothing atmospheric sound and awesome piano work within the structure, it asks no it grabs your attention and expects you to see the journey through. I found the melody to be haunting yet refreshing, with a vibrant piano feel and deep synth work in the background.

Vocally the score is superb, the artists voice is moist in talent and could be explored even deeper with a touch more depth to the structure and tone, but apart from that, the quality of the voice is magnificent, superb range for the and quality for the style of the song, excellent mergeance of dynamic tones between values of the score.

One little niggle to the whole song is that between the difference of the piano to the synth, there appears to be a slight distortion, not that I know if this is to be the deliberate case or accidental, but the notice is only slight and is not important.

Beat wise, the song's slow base and drum work is great, building into a continual feel and yet in parts devouring us with a different feel and pattern. Ideally this song would be superb for a film track featuring a sad moment as the whole feel of the song makes you feel sad yet joyous, confusing, yes I am myself but it's how the song touches you that makes you feel the way you feel. I felt sad because of the rhythm making me mellow out, yet I felt joyous for having to hear such a great song.

All over quality is great, and again, vocally superb, I would have liked to hear the female singer really draw us into the song half way through by providing a whisper solo but no, there really isn't anything to knock about this song. Tempo is great, beats are great and overall commercialism style is superb, keep up the fantastic work.

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