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Reviewed by Superhuman on (Saturday, January 9, 2010) Rated 8.1 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 8
Interest 9
Melody 7
Performance 8
Lyrics 0
Enjoyment 9
Recording Quality 9
Commercial Appeal 7
Overall 8.1

First off, let me say that Mart (aka Kiss The Abyss) is one of my favorite artists on this site. The first track I heard from KTA was 'Cosmonautica', an excellent piece of melodic/musical trance. The more KTA tracks I heard though I realise that Mart is always up for experimenting with new genres and styles. This track, 'End of Ages' is yet another track infusing a mix of genres that I have yet to hear on Mart's page. This time around the dominating sound is that of industrial, heavy aggressive beats and staccato rhythms with dark vocal samples. Before you get worried by the word 'industrial'... this has the signature KTA sound stamped allover it.

When I think of 'industrial' I get a flashbacks of Godflesh (one of the pioneers of the genre). Back then it was more about cacophonous, aggressive rhythms and noisy sound structures not unlike a whole load of machinery banging away in some stark factory, all within the same bpm and time signature. Sure, it was interesting but got noisy and pretty boring quickly. What Mart has achieved here though is something completely different, it's got the rhythms and repeating phrases but it's all held together musically.

For a start, as with all KTA tracks, there are no random sounds thrown in just for the sake of creating noise, everything is structured very intelligently and there is not a clashing tone to be heard. His experience with rock music in the past is obvious here, the main rhythm or 'riff' as I will call it here is based on a clever tone that is not far from something the Prodigy would have created on 'Music for the Jilted Generation' and a real electric guitar. The first time I heard this track I immediately picked up my guitar, cranked up a high gain distorted setting and started playing along. To my ear, this track is screaming out for little added meat in the form of chunky guitars to flesh out the rhythm. Anyway, that's just me, I'm a guitar freak:) The vocals are suitably dark and fit the music well. Not only are they in time with the music itself but they also create a kind of narrative that works on throughout the track. Given that this is a review, I suppose I should also mention anything that could be viewed as a negative. For me, the samples could have been a tad overdone in places and I would have loved to hear one of those show stoppingly unusual diversions thrown in to really drive home some melody. I only say this because there is not a huge amount of variation with the driving riff so something kid of tangential diversion around the middle might have worked well. At the end of the day though, this is just my opinion and I'm no authority on industrial music or electro anyway so I'm probably talking through my hat (if I had a hat). All in all, I really like 'End of Ages'. It may be less musical that some of KTA's other tracks and BUT it has it's place and would fit right into an album perfectly as the 'powerful, dark track'. 'End of Ages' is great for driving fast, lifting weights, beating a punch bag, when you're angry/in a dark mood or looking to get your game face on. You get the picture? Basically, devil horns on the dance floor \m/

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