KtA ()

Reviewed by LODATO on (Tuesday, August 18, 2009) Rated 9.1 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 9
Interest 9
Melody 10
Performance 10
Lyrics 8
Enjoyment 10
Recording Quality 9
Commercial Appeal 8
Overall 9.1

I love the sound of this cut. It seems well balanced and my computer set up for listening is sweet so I can really hear any thing that's not sitting right in the mix. The arrangement is well done and there are no holes in the recording or performance. The vocals are clear and passionate. The bass seems a bit thin and could use a tad more punch but I still enjoyed it all the way through. All in all I like this piece and I downloaded it. That puts it in a nut shell. Thanks for the tune and i believe this was joint effort or remix. Great job! -rl

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