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Reviewed by RedDress on (Friday, July 10, 2009) Rated 9.9 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 10
Interest 10
Melody 10
Performance 10
Lyrics 0
Enjoyment 10
Recording Quality 9
Commercial Appeal 10
Overall 9.9

Does anyone remember the film Bill and Ted's excellent adverture? and the scene when Mozart sat infront of a keyboard synthesizer for the first time and was amazed by the sounds that came from it when he tried to play? Well if Mozart was to hear KTA's version of his own classcial masterpiece, then i am sure, he would of been blown away. I just hope i am right in saying 'Cosmic Requiem' was inspired by Mozarts 'Requiem in D Minor? :S

The music from start to finish flows beautifully, and takes you on a classical journey with a hint of drama. You can almost imagine upon hearing this track, a room full of musicians, each playing their own digital part, and thats what makes this piece of music so enchanting and also because of this music's complexisity, i can feel each and every painstaking moment it must of taken to create this, but the end result was so worth it, and this track should be something to be so proud of.

Commercially i think KTA have an absolute gem on their hands. If this was to be remixed into a shorter version and put more emphasis on making it DJ friendly, adding a more modern bass and a less dramatic feel to it, then i could see this being massively distributed as a popular dance track.left as is, then i would suggest the filming and gaming industry,and anyone who does not see the potential of this track, are absolutely blind. The sound quality was good but i felt it could of been better. I did notice feedback on some of the strings and effects but this could of been caused by any number of reasons, and easy to correct.

Overall 'Cosmic Requiem' needs no improvements, it simply needs to be enjoyed by the listener, and on that note it certainly delivers. When the choirs kick in and the music hits your heart with an extra beat, you know that this a beautifully produced track and KTA are well on there way to sucsess.

I end my review by simply saying, this is a digital masterpiece, and i look forward to hearing so much more.

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