Kelly Mitchell (Insanity)

Reviewed by Superhuman on (Monday, June 1, 2009) Rated 9 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 9
Interest 10
Melody 9
Performance 9
Lyrics 0
Enjoyment 9
Recording Quality 8
Commercial Appeal 9
Overall 9

This is one is quite different for Kelly, given the electro slant. I liked this track the first time I heard it, although there are a couple of rough edits the track flows in a nice unusual way.

The track open with Kelly's signiture use of the whammy bar - something that is not easy to do at all. I really love the little diminished run followed by a more traditional solo break. Over the years I have come to realise Kelly has a fetish for swept arpeggios, somethin gthat he unashamedly parades in this track:-) I remember first introducing him to Ms Arpeggio when he asked me how I did a cerrtain trick in one of my tracks, ever since that time they seem to be creeping in more nad more into his playing. So Kelly, let me be the first to congratulate the two of you on this creation.

I think this style of exotic and Eastern scales works really well over electronic music - it allows a lot more scope in terms of chromatics and unexpected phrasings. I would like to see this track completed - it seems to end quite abruptly. If it was me, I would suggest remixing the section at 1.30 with the quick cuts, maybe put the aprs on one side and let them ring out and put the other  lead parts on the opposite side of the stereo field - maybe add a little delay so they ring out across each other.

Anyway, as an instrumental afficiondo and certified guitar freak I give this one a thumbs up and raise a toast to Kelly and the lovely lady Arpeggio.

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