James Oakwood (My Bed)

Reviewed by Steve Gilmore on (Wednesday, March 19, 2008) Rated 8.8 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 9
Interest 9
Melody 8
Performance 9
Lyrics 9
Enjoyment 9
Recording Quality 8
Commercial Appeal 9
Overall 8.8

James Oakwood is a new name to me from MP3 Unsigned but hey, he is a man in love with his bed obviously so he's cool by me.  He's also a rock artist which, as you well know, definitely fine by me.  According to his webpage, he's only been writing and recording since 2006 and features a tasty pick of all his kit (is that a Dell?); the kind of stuff you need to make rock music.  Even if it is, in this case, in the spare bedrooom.  Some of the best music I've heard in my life is coming from such setups, and usually with very few hiccups so lets get to it.. Rock, the man said....

Well, yes, to a certain extent.  Oh for sure the instrumentation and the style is unashamedly rock but with a sharp musical mind and an even sharper arrangement makes for a very strange hybrid.  For me, this is like the bastard child of prog-rock and the Beatles in their trippier days.  Don't go thinking that I am talking any kind retro sound here, My Bed sounds bang up to date.  The songs influences mirror the listing of music greats that James Oakwood cites at the bottom of his page; the Beatles influence for me coming from the intro/outro which is a nice touch.  The horn motif that makes that work, appears throughout the song and is one of my own favourite bits.

Hold on, o speedy eyeball!!.  Don't be hasty... Did I, or did I not mention the dreaded prog-rock word there?  Am I not usually incandescent with rage at the mere sight of the genre and yet here I am being pleasant about this one.  That's because, as I explained, it's the blending of styles that won this track over to my side.   James also shows enough inventiveness as a guitarist to keep you listening, and that goes a long way also in its appeal.  Although I have certain reservations about the overall sound, the track is surprisingly clear and punchy and shows that what counts isn't kit; it's brains and talent.  Judging by this example James Oakwood has plenty thank you very much.  An artist I'm sure we are going to be hearing more of.

Highly Recommended blend of rock.

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