D-connection (Airwaves (Gogo Clubbin Mix) Drainage 2006)

Reviewed by ditheramb on (Wednesday, December 27, 2006) Rated 9.5 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 10
Interest 9
Melody 10
Performance 10
Lyrics 10
Enjoyment 9
Recording Quality 9
Commercial Appeal 9
Overall 9.5

Let me just say that Mp3 is full of interesting and very capable artists, and the Reviews that I am doing is just my perspective.

There is alot of genres that i know little about, and would never presume to be an authority on. So this is just how I see them

This track is one from Drainage's D-Connection page, and features a rework of Lollievox (lauries) track. Now being a remix I wasny sure wether I should go and revisit the original track or review it in its own right, I've opted for option 2, because after all Im reviewing this track and not the original.

So lets just start by saying that lauries vox are always superb so I new that side of things was taken care of, and I wasnt disappointed, the vocals are about as good as you will ever hear, from anyone recorded anywhere. So the person who chooses to remix one of her tracks is either very competant and knows it, or a bloody fool for trying. No suprise here that Drainage is at the very Top of his field and well up to tackeling a track like this.

So lets get onto the track. The almost tapp quality of the beggining sets the feel of this track right from the beggining and when the keys break in the overall vibe is there in all its glory. Now if i was being honest, I would have said that that didnt quite work to my ears, if you are going to build the beggining of a track like taht then i wouldnt have had everything breaking in at once. (thats not to say its not good as is, just a bit too.....THERE for me when it hits off)

So whats good about this track? Just about everything , the bass is fat the drums are pumping but with nice variety to please the more decerning listener. The ratteling hats have you just flowing along . The sequencing and I mean all the layers just give it so much more depth than a standard dance track. The breakat 2.49 is good and the use of the vocoder at 3.04 is as good as any Ive heard. All this is hard to do and keep a balance between then and still stay compasionate to the original.

So how would i describe this track to someone who hasn't heard this,A Jazzy Dance track, which gives it an almost Bjork feel to it, which in my world means Quality!

The D-Connection page is full of quality tracks and quality collabs , but this is one of the best and has that something special. It just goes to show that when a experienced , quality musician takes a track and treats it with the respect it deserves then the track shines more than the artist thats remixing, and thats something that most people cant do. Its called balance and poise and this track is drenched with both.

Now Im not sure if its my lack of knowledge about this genre, but I was so close to giving this a 10 for every section, but there was a couple of doubts about my feelings towards it. But if anyone had told me I'd be scoring a remix and giving it 9's and 10's then I would have said they are crazy, Me rate a dance track not likely..... but I tell you what, I did , and it deserves ever point it got

Great track that should get mainstream recognition

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