Dave Fountain ()

Reviewed by Steve Gilmore on (Friday, December 17, 2004) Rated 8.6 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 8
Interest 9
Melody 8
Performance 9
Lyrics 0
Enjoyment 9
Recording Quality 8
Commercial Appeal 9
Overall 8.6

Disclaimer: I just write this stuff OK? When presented with artists who could be deemed 'controversial' or 'in poor taste' I have to go by one thing and one thing alone - the music. See when faced with something as flagrant as this artists name, as a reviewer you have two choices, either comment on it, or ignore it completely. Now you KNOW I - of all people - would be the one to comment on it, so let's get it done. Personally, I think far too much attention is take up these days by words that many people find incendiary. I couldn't care less because I know one very important fact of life, people in general are offended by most things, most of the time. I know full well the connotations attached to the word fudgepacker, but ultimately it's just a word, you are the one who must decide whether you are offended by it. So why, then, did this artist CHOOSE to have such a contentious name?

Especially when, in situations like this, it may in fact obscure the very thing we are here for - the music. It takes a special kind of talent to get over a burden such as that. Provided, of course, that they (the artist) want their music to spread out a little bit more than Mum and immediate family. Wandering around FP's MP3 Unsigned website doesn't elicit much information on that score either so finally it is left to the music to make it or break it. One thing I noticed on the site - before I had actually started to listen to the track - was that they cited the awesome Wire as an influence. That definitely piqued my interest... Once I started to listen to the track I was even more astounded that this artist should choose such an immflamatory name; this track is very, very listenable electronica cooked to a crispy beat.

Very analog'y in style the track shimmys its way past your ears, lubricated every once in a while by the sounds of some lucky female being loved up. Some of the instrumental sounds are pretty decent too, a distorted phat organ pad in particular helped the track establish a strangehold on my earholes. The more I played Face Meat the more I found to like about it, and I found plenty there I could recommend to people - this is 3:46 of pure undiluted electronic pleasure. If FP does keep on doing this and hoping to extend an audience, somewhere, sometime along the way, a name change will become essential. Best to get it over with now then I say, and let the music do all the talking you want it to because - judging by this sample - Fudgepacker have something to say, and they say it elegantly.

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