D-connection (Funeral March (JaymzLeeShaw))

Reviewed by ConKuss on (Sunday, October 1, 2006) Rated 7.8 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 9
Interest 8
Melody 9
Performance 9
Lyrics 8
Enjoyment 8
Recording Quality 7
Commercial Appeal 4
Overall 7.8

D-connection - Funeral March Feat. JaymzLeeShaw.

Genres can either be good, or extremely evil. For instance, Experimental covers so much ground, it's difficult to pinpoint any one style that fits the bill. More genres need to be recognised. One that might fit this track could be "Intelligent Natural Contemporary Electronica" - I.N.C.E. for short. Maybe.

An extremely simple tune forlornly resonates in a lonely fugue, held back by what seems like sheer melancholy, whilst a raw pain is expressed in a stunning, yet slightly hidden performance by Jaymz Lee Shaw. These vocals are perfect in every way, to my ears, true emotion seems to be scraped out from every note sung. Hats off to Jaymz.

 His original can be found here - http://www.mp3unsigned.com/showmp3.asp?mp3ID=32100 - It's well worth checking out too.

The additional music in D-connection's version is far more pronounced than the original, for sure, but it feels sometimes thatthe remixing artist has layered a slight too much new material over the original sound, masking the vocal performance a little.

On the other hand, he has succeeded in adding a lot more overall atmosphere in the process of the additions he's made. It's sometimes difficult with working with certain types of source material and, in my opinion, this is a case in point. The Lo-Fi/Hi-Fi mixed feel does work pretty well at times.

My instant reactions to hearing all the versions of this song are that they're ideal fodder for use by some such person as Chris Morris, it would fit pretty much in any of his TV work (Jam especially). The disjointed feel to it all, the menace and the grief all add up to complete a very good piece of work.

I know in my heart of hearts that this song is definitely a little too leftfield for mainstream audiences however, and I'm sure the artists involved realise this too (and they should welcome it, for it is a rare jewel that shines brightest), so the low scores in this respect reflect that one minor issue with the scoring system itself.

I can't really fault anything really about any version of this that I've heard, so all I can do now is recommend you get yerself off and hear this aural treat now.

Go on, muppet.


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