The Gemini Ritual ()

Reviewed by The Shed on (Wednesday, May 10, 2006) Rated 9.1 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 9
Interest 8
Melody 9
Performance 10
Lyrics 10
Enjoyment 9
Recording Quality 10
Commercial Appeal 8
Overall 9.1

The Gemini Ritual. Video Mix for Heroine [suicide] (Industrial)


I’ve been meaning to get a review of The Gemini Ritual now for some time; I’ve been so busy though.

The reason I procrastinate so much is not for the lack of wanting but the lack of time. For me the review process is not something to just whip out in a couple of sentences but actually takes me a good couple of hours.  And lately due to work pressures and family commitments my free time has been sparse and what was left was spent in the studio with The Shed.


Anyway I’ve made this my number one priority of the week as far as mp3unsigned is concerned anyway.

I’ve noticed how much work The Gemini Ritual puts in to the site and reviews and must give my thanks and respect to them. It is people like them who keep this site such a good place to be a part of.


Now on to the slating of the track. J

The mix I’m reviewing is a new mix of HEROINE, done for the forthcoming video, but I listened to the other versions I could find as well. The Piano version HEROIN [Lifeless] (found on the mp3unsigned page as well) is a quality track if you ask me, it highlights that this song stands up for itself even when you strip away all the top-notch production. The other version I had a listen to is the version on their own web site


I really like the bass in the intro of that version.


One thing though that my pedantic side just can’t ignore is why do you call one version HEROINE and the other HEROIN. Funny how something like that can bother me. Anyway that’s neither here nor there for the review.


With the word Heroin ringing in my ears I can’t help but think of the most excellent song by The Velvet Underground. I find there are similarities. The comparison of Heroin to the all-encompassing unhealthy love you have of a woman, the sort of love that consumes you takes you over so you become dependant on it;

“I can't find my way,

please shine a light for me, inject it all inside until I see”.



“Heroin, be the death of me
Heroin, it's my wife and it's my life”



You are my Heroine

Feels just like Heroin

Tastes like Heroin

Give me my Heroine”


In The Gemini Ritual Heroine I find the same darkness in the lyrics and in the performance.


 There is something very sinister. It would make the innocent listener very scared indeed. Hence I doubt if this song will ever get to be number one in the mainstream charts. But I see in the alternative world that the Velvets inhabit a lot of respect for this song. And that’s not a bad thing if you consider the sort of crap that gets into the mainstream charts.


While The Velvet Underground used rapid undulations in the tempo and franticness in going from calm to climax and back again to give the listener the feeling of the rush and come down of heroine.


I find that The Gemini Ritual use a different method, but similar.

The song starts calmly enough and builds gradually to a climax and then a massive come down again to just a few notes on the piano. Just one massive undulation I suppose.

The vocal is full of angst in the first three quarters of the song. And then in the climax it becomes more desperate more begging.


The production is flawless. I love the way the instrumentation is gradually added in as the song climaxes; it really has an overpowering effect on the listener. There is a point where the vocal is panned from left to right and again I really like this simple but effective trick. It gives the sense of the singer being lost and bewildered, perhaps.


The Gemini Ritual are SH!T HOT and I would recommend you give them a listen.

OH and by the way, my comparisons to The Velvet Underground is not a negative thing, if I thought they were trying to copy the Velvets I’d rate them a big fat zero. All songs have similar themes to other songs and that I feel is the case here. If anything my comparisons to the VU is to give this band respect.

No they are not The Velvet Underground they are The Gemini Ritual.



Cheers ROGUE,


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