Onager ()

Reviewed by geminiritual on (Sunday, April 30, 2006) Rated 7.8 / 10
Category Rating
Track Structure 7
Interest 7
Melody 6
Performance 9
Lyrics 7
Enjoyment 9
Recording Quality 9
Commercial Appeal 8
Overall 7.8

Melody - it kind of has the same melody all the way through, but changes a tad around the 2/3rds point for a moment. I had trouble definine where the melody was coming from, but as the song went on, it's clear that the piano is the only melodic element, next to the vocals here and there, it's hard to carry a melody this way with one instrument, and you did a great job, didn't get boring or dull at all.

Instrumentation - pretty simple track, drum machine, paino, some pads, keys, and voice. great choice of sounds for each instrument, that's the thing with loops, it's hard to sound like crap when creating music this way, but there is a big difference between listenable and really good, and this surpasses the latter.

Performance - there's not much I can say in this section that I didn't say in the previous one, well done.

Vocals/Lyrics - I like what valerie added, she souonds great in there, if that's her doing the female spoken piece. I like the effect on the male voice, the computer voice, sounds like hell most of the time, but it sounds cool here, I really like it. I like the 'I believe in you', I hope that's what it says, I like the way it comes in and just kind of sublty tells you something.

Production - Sounds really good, with the excpetion that there is maybe a bit too much low end on the I believe in you part, it tends to rumble my monitors a bit, but other than that, good clean clear mix, nice production, like the computer voice as I said earlier. The opening drums beat led me to think a funky Prince style guitar rhythm was coming, would have been  cool, but it's cool that it didn't too.

Personal opinion - ahhhhhh, what can I say, there is not much that Onager does that I don't like, the same goes for Valerie, I may not post alot in the forums, but I spend alot of time here, just listening to music, and these 2 are some class acts, haven't found anything I don't like from either one.

This is a great Trip hop style track and worth a listen or 10

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