Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your question, then... if it's a general question, please post on the message board. If it is some specific question, feel free to email us at Enquiries

  • q. 1. How much does it cost to subscribe as an artist? Click Here For Answer a. For a standard subscription it is completely free.
    However, there may be a small annual charge for new subscribers at some point in the future.
    Should we decided to charge new subscribers, all existing subscribers who have actually used their subscription will continue to be free.
  • q. What size of MP3 files can I upload Click Here For Answer a. We have set an upload file size limit of 18 Megabytes for MP3 tracks.
    Should you need to upload a larger size mp3 file than that,then perhaps you should be checking that you are indeed using mp3 files.
  • q. Why can't everyone comment, instead of only subscribers? Click Here For Answer a. This decision was taken to discourage casual visitors from posting offensive or 'trivial' comments against an artist's track.
  • q. 2. How many MP3's can I upload to my page? Click Here For Answer a. Everybody gets 100 track spaces to fill.
  • q. How can I get more exposure on the site ? Click Here For Answer a. Make sure you post your track in the New MP3's forum. The more you participate in the forums the more people will listen to your music.
    Make sure that you have uploaded a good quality profile image to your artist page. Without this you will not be considered for the featured artist on the site homepage. Another good tip is to set up a clickable banner in your forum profile.
    You can get plenty of traffic to your artist page from outside of the site too by posting your links on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. If you want to discuss advertising through our slide presentation on the homepage, you can contact the site Administrators through our contact form.
  • q. Why should I use MP3Unsigned for my music Click Here For Answer a. We are a tight knit group, with the emphasis being on artists input into the entire development of the site/community
    We have some ambitious plans to promote some of the artists on the site via radio, promotion to record labels etc.
    There are A & R people, Producers and Music Management companies who are actively examining the content of the site, looking for new talent.
  • q. 7. My genre of music isn't in your list of choices Click Here For Answer a. If your particular genre isn't listed use the Contact form to let us know or contact site Admin via the forums. If there is likely to be any demand for the genre or sub genre we will set it up:-)
  • q. I am not an artist, but may I review the tracks here ? Click Here For Answer a. We are introducing a 'listener' subscription, obviously free, so that listeners can comment on the tracks.
    If we opened commenting to everyone, then we would have no way of blocking any bored kiddie from commenting a lot of nonsense on every track
    If you'd like to comment, of course in the meantime you can always make full use of our message board.
  • q. I'm not getting any ratings or comments, whatsoever. What do I do? Click Here For Answer a. First off, post on the message board asking for comments/reviews. There are people using this site who are only to glad to help by giving a critique, and they are invaluable in helping artists to improve on what they are working on.
    Also, tell your friends, work colleagues, neighbours etc. that your music is on the site, and ask them to go vote for you.
    In addition, anywhere that you post, other message boards etc. , add a link to your mp3unsigned tracks and ask for votes/comments
  • q. 3. How does the Top 100 work? Click Here For Answer a. To vote on a track you need to click on the thumbs up tab beside it on the artist page. Each user is only allowed to vote once on each track. Every time you click on the rate button be aware that you are voting a track towards the charts.
    Previously the chart was updated on a weekly basis and was calulated only using votes received during the previous week. Now that we are using a Top 100 positions we have extended this to 8 weeks with a weighting system for the first 4 weeks. This helps to keep the charts moving and more fair.
  • q. 4. How do The Charts work? Click Here For Answer a. The difference between The Charts and the Top 100 is simple. The Top 100 relates to tracks that have been uploaded within an 8 week period. When a track has been retired from the Top 100 it still remains active in The Charts.
    The Charts shows the most voted tracks during a yearly period. Even if a track has been retired from the Top 100 it can still receive votes and works it's way up through the Charts.
    Another feature within The Charts is the genre specific charts. Here you can see which tracks within individual genres are performing best.
  • q. 6. How do I delete my account? Click Here For Answer a. Simple, fill out the site contact form including your artist name or URL and other details and select Account Closure. Make sure that you use the same email address that you signed up with. Here's the link:
  • q. My track was in the user charts, but isn't any more, how come? Click Here For Answer a. Every week, when the official chart is updated, the top 3 from the user charts are moved to the 'classic' charts.
    Check and see, your track will be in the classic charts.
  • q. 5. I cannot log into the message board. Click Here For Answer a. Please check the following...
  • q. 8. Why do I get an email every time a comment is made on my music? Click Here For Answer a. This is a default setting that you can switch on or off. You can find this in your Artist Menu under 'Create/Modify Your Page'.